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Disznókő Kapi 2017 – A New Legend was Born?

The extraordinary Disznókő Kapi Tokaji 6 Puttonyos Aszú 2017, sourced from a highly sought-after vintage, emerges as a new legend in the world of wines. This exceptionally rare single-vineyard Aszú showcases the true essence of its remarkable terroir, epitomizing the distinctive style of Disznókő.

The production of Disznókő Kapi 6 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú is reserved for exceptional years when the grapes grown in this vineyard attain unparalleled quality. The result is a wine of remarkable purity, structure, freshness, and longevity. Until now, this unique wine has only been crafted in outstanding vintages such as 1999, 2005, 2011, and 2015. Now, we are thrilled to present the fifth edition of Kapi Aszú from the exceptional 2017 vintage.

What sets Kapi apart?

The renowned „Kapi Vineyard” is situated in the upper third of Disznókő’s south-facing vineyard, approximately 150-180 meters above sea level. It stands out distinctively among its neighboring vineyards.

The vineyard’s distinction lies in its soil, which has a somewhat lighter and looser structure than other areas of our estate. The volcanic clay soil, intermingled with loess and rhyolite debris layers, exhibits a rich mineral composition and limestone content. It is hypothesized that this loess-limestone layer allows the aszú wines originating from this vineyard to maintain exceptional freshness and acidity, even in hot vintages, despite its status as our warmest vineyard, where grapes ripen rapidly.

One of the most exquisite vintages of the past decade

2017 delivered an abundance of wines with exceptional quality, a delightful surprise following a season of variable and extreme weather conditions. The winter was remarkably cold, followed by a mild spring that prompted an early bud break. Thankfully, the flowering stage occurred under ideal conditions in late May. The summer was characterized by warm, fluctuating temperatures, with dry and hot periods interspersed with heavy rainfall. These unique weather patterns resulted in the early ripening of the grapes.

All about the harvest

The noble rot settled on fully ripe berries, giving birth to botrytized grapes that were densely woven, exuding a creamy texture and captivating aromas. We carefully stored these meticulously hand-picked aszú berries in stainless steel vats until further processing. The grapes destined for the base wine were harvested at the end of September, while the clusters designated for the base must were selectively picked on October 20th.

From this meticulous process, a complex and perfectly balanced aszú wine emerged.

40% of the aszú berries underwent maceration in fermenting furmint must for two days, while the remaining portion of aszú grapes were gently soaked in the wine during the final stages of fermentation for 12 hours. Following an extended pressing, the fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks and partially in small barrels. The wine aged for two years in 225-liter oak barrels, of which a quarter consisted of new Hungarian oak. Finally, in July 2020, a limited edition of 5172 individually numbered and signed bottles were carefully filled and sealed.

The Disznókő Kapi 6 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú, crafted exclusively from the finest furmint aszú berries and base must, showcases a captivating golden color. It emanates a delightful aroma of acacia flowers intertwined with abundant tropical fruits. The palate reveals a vibrant and rich character, simultaneously lively and silky, concentrated and ethereal. The wine’s refreshing acidity of 7.32 g/l beautifully balances the 12% alcohol, 164 g/l residual sugar, and crystal-clear mineral essence. Undoubtedly, our Kapi is a wine worthy of special occasions. It exhibits a creamy and well-structured nature, is ideal for extended aging, and concludes with a stunning, clean, and excitingly spicy finish.

How to consume it?

Kapi Collection– Disznókő Kapi Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos from 3 vintages

Disznókő Kapi 6 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2017 is an authentic „meditative wine” that delivers an unforgettable experience when savored on its own, either after a celebratory dinner or after a perfect evening!

However, if you desire a pairing, it pairs wonderfully with delicate sponge cake, fresh fruits, or a handful of almonds. It also beautifully complements mature and hard cheeses, such as aged Beemster Dutch Gouda, accentuating the wine’s mineral and caramel nuances.

Upon acquiring a bottle, it can be enjoyed immediately, yet it also rewards those who age it for twenty years or even longer. To appreciate its full potential, serve it chilled at 11-13°C. After opening the bottle, refrigeration will preserve its freshness for several weeks.