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Disznókő Tokaji Aszú V.P.T.S. 2017 – A sublime pleasure

Our V.P.T.S. from the outstanding 2017 vintage stands as the “summa” of Disznókő’s aszú wines, boasting the highest concentration. Its name, Vinum Passum Tokajense Summum, or V.P.T.S. for short, subtly signifies its esteemed status – in the past, aszú was referred to in Latin as Vinum Passum Tokajense. This exceptional wine is perfect for those who crave elegance, refinement, and indulgence during their special celebrations.

The New Name for Aszú Essence: V.P.T.S.

For ages, aszú wines were graded by their sugar levels and puttonyos count. Aszú essence denoted wines boasting over 180 g/l of sugar and 45 g/l of extract, surpassing the traditional 6 Puttonyos Aszú. Yet, to simplify  terminology, a new decree bid farewell to „aszú essence” as of January 2014. At Disznókő, this prestigious category now shines under the name of Vinum Passum Tokajense Summum, affectionately known as V.P.T.S.

„V.P.T.S. is crafted using the same method as aszú, yet it surpasses a 6-puttonyos aszú in both flavor and sugar content. It is exclusively produced during exceptional aszú vintages. This wine boasts remarkable richness, impeccable balance, and finesse. It harmonizes the crisp, refreshing acidity of aszú wines with the luxurious, creamy texture, honeyed notes, and concentrated flavors, making it a rare and special fine wine.

One of the Most Remarkable Vintages of the Past Decade

2017 emerged as one of the most remarkable vintages of the past decade, offering abundant quantity and exceptional quality, a delightful surprise following variable and extreme weather conditions. A mild spring, preceded by a very cold winter, resulted in early bud break and optimal flowering conditions. The variable, warm summer with dry, hot periods followed by heavy rain showers sped up the ripening of the grapes more than usual.

Disznókő Tokaji Aszú V.P.T.S. 2017 – a Sublime Indulgence

About the Harvest

Botrytis settled on fully ripe berries, giving rise to intensely flavored grapes with a creamy texture. We selected the aszú berries between September 19 and October 28 in three stages.  Each berry was handpicked and stored in stainless steel tanks to extract its essence separately. These precious batches were then aged in demijohns.

A Wine of Unparalleled Complexity and Balance

Half of the aszú berries were soaked in fermenting must for two days, infusing their essence without any pressing. Meanwhile, the remaining berries were gently pressed, then immersed in fresh wine for a 12-hours at the end of fermentation. Following a slow pressing, fermentation unfolded in stainless steel tanks and small oak barrels, each vessel nurturing the wine’s transformation.

As the essence aged gracefully in glass demijohns, the aszú wine found its sanctuary in 225-liter oak barrels, maturing for 18 months. Blending one-third essence with fresh aszú wine, we bestowed a further 12 months of refinement in small oak barrels before bottling in September 2020, yielding a mere 1692 bottles.

Crafted solely from the most perfect furmint aszú berries and base must, Disznókő V.P.T.S. 2017 is a brilliant golden elixir of incredible richness. Characterized by the pure, fresh fruitiness of the aszú berries and their dynamic essence, it envelops the palate with a dense, creamy texture and impeccable structure. Its pure, intense aroma delights with notes of apricot, peach, mango, and a hint of vanilla. With just 9.5% alcohol content, its refreshing acidity of 7.1 g/l harmonizes beautifully with its 277g/l residual sugar, creating a wine of perfect balance and harmony.

The Perfect Wine for Celebrations

A true meditation wine – Disznókő Tokaji Aszú V.P.T.S. 2017

We are proud that The Luxonomist, a Spanish publication, recommends Disznókő V.P.T.S. 2017 as one of Europe’s most beautiful wines, stating:

„Disznókő V.P.T.S. is an exceptionally rich and sophisticated experience with every sip.  Its dense and creamy texture, together with its powerful structure, make it an extravagant wine that captivates the senses. A perfect choice for those looking to discover the elegance and sophistication of Hungarian wines and add a touch of luxury to their celebrations.We recommend enjoying it with a characterful blue cheese or perhaps experimenting with chocolate. It is also perfect instead of a dessert, as the final drink of a great dinner.” 

Disznókő V.P.T.S. 2017 offers a sublime indulgence, whether savored at the conclusion of a fine dinner, alongside a cigar, or as an inspiration for profound contemplation. It is recommended to serve at 11–13°C to fully appreciate its exquisite characteristics. Its freshness can be maintained in the refrigerator for up to two weeks after opening.

While already an extraordinary experience, Disznókő V.P.T.S. 2017 boasts an exceptionally long aging potential of up to 30 years, making it a wine worthy for collectors.