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Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012: Tokaj’s Sweetest Treasure

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012 is a rare gem in the world of wines, a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Tokaj’s terroir in each sip. It’s not merely a beverage but a heart-stirring experience, which has also recently gained international recognition. Andrii Stetsiuk, the esteemed associate editor at James, awarded it a remarkable 97 points. This outstanding score underscores the unique quality of Tokaji wines on the international stage.

What is Eszencia, and why is it extraordinary? 

It is so rich and syrupy that it is traditionally consumed in modest amounts, served elegantly with a crystal spoon

Tokaji Eszencia is an exceptional dessert wine crafted exclusively from the most exquisite botrytized vintages and produced only in limited quantities. Its finesse,  complexity, low alcohol, and intensely sweet profile balanced by crisp acids make it an exceptional drink. It is so rich and syrupy that it is traditionally consumed in modest amounts, served elegantly with a crystal spoon.

Highlighting the 2012 Vintage 

Highlighting the 2012 Vintage

The 2012 vintage was shaped by a hot, dry summer that led to early ripening. The onset of noble rot was delayed, yet beneficial late September rains fostered optimal botrytis development, promising a harvest rich in aszú berries. However, the berries shriveled slowly due to the season’s high humidity.


Despite early ripening, the harvest extended over a lengthy period, with meticulous, staged selections of aszú berries. These precious grapes, destined for the Eszencia, were harvested between October 12 and 24, predominantly sourced from the renowned Kapi vineyard, supplemented by a portion from the Dorgó vineyard.


The creation of Tokaji Eszencia is a kind of art. Botrytized, shriveled grapes are collected in specialized vats equipped with a tiny tap at the bottom. Under their own weight, the grapes slowly exude their precious, honeyed nectar. This golden essence is then carefully matured in 50-liter glass demijohns, fermenting slowly without adding yeast or sulfur, fostering a pure and natural evolution.

For Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012, the maturation process was extended until June 2015. After that, the various batches were expertly blended and bottled in December 2015. A limited release of just 248 bottles makes this a coveted collectible.

„Incredibly delicious and unique” 

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012

The Disznókő Eszencia 2012 has an opulent old gold hue and deep, spicy aromas enriched with notes of orange peel and dried apricot. The palate is lush and vibrant, harmoniously balanced by creamy textures, and layered with flavors of honey, sweet chestnut, and an assortment of dried fruits. With an alcohol content of merely 3.8% and an equilibrium of 554 g/l residual sugar balanced by 8 g/l acid, this wine is a symphony of exquisite tastes. 

„…subtle aromas of dried persimmons and preserved oranges with light toffee, lilac honey, chamomile, dried lavender, and even some minty undertones. Full. Overall, the profile is fresher with just a touch of volatility, enhancing the character. Energetic. It is more fluid than 2009 and lighter in color, but still very dense and viscous with excellent balance overall. It is just so delicious and unique.” (

Savoring Disznókő Eszencia

Eszencia is an indulgent reflection of the vintage, perfectly capturing the character of the aszú berries. A sip is like a journey to unknown landscapes. 

Ideal at a chilled 15 degrees Celsius, it retains its rich allure for years post-opening, thanks to its substantial sugar content. Though delightful now, its profound potential for aging makes it a treasure for connoisseurs.

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012 is more than a wine—it’s a magical elixir that perpetuates the grand legacy of Tokaji wines and proudly carries another accolade of international acclaim.