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Disznókő – Where Gold Springs from the Volcanoes of Tokaj

An insightful article about Disznókő wines was featured in the French wine magazine ‘Terre de Vins’ under this headline. The inspiration for this piece came from the presentation of Disznókő Kapi Vineyard Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2017 in Paris.

„The wines of Tokaj are unquestionably among the world’s elite when it comes to sweet wines. They are masterpieces of balance, created with the help of AXA Millésimes for over 30 years at Disznókő Vineyard.” This is how Jean-Michel Brouard, a wine writer and author of the renowned book ‘Vin Minute”begins his article.

He delves into the unique landscape and soil created by three ancient, dormant volcanoes once active on Disznókő Vineyard’s site. The mineral-rich volcanic rocks, rhyolite tuff, clay-rich soils, and our 112 hectares of contiguous vineyards—one of the warmest and most conducive to Tokaji grape ripening—give distinctive character to our wines.

The author writes about the region’s noblest grape variety, Furmint. It accounts for over 70% of the grapes grown at Disznókő Vineyard. Additionally, he discusses the development of botrytis cinerea, the noble rot, and the process of making Aszú wines.

Outstanding quality

The article highlights the outstanding quality of our wines. Jean-Michel Brouard’s words capture the essence of this experience:

„From the 2019 Tokaji Furmint Late Harvest with its fresh and floral profile, accessible to a broader audience, to the incredibly concentrated Eszencia, made from 100% botrytized Furmint grapes, these wines transport your taste buds into unique universes.

One common thread is the precise acidity that gives these sweet wines absolute balance, straightforwardness, and freshness that without overshadowing their sugar content (usually 150-170 grams/liter) 

Disznókő Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2016 is an excellent example of this: perfectly chiseled and precise. Born in a relatively fresh vintage, it boasts lively acidity, well-defined apricot notes, and a creamy yet traceable texture.

The 2015 vintage is more tannic and profound, marked by some oak-aging, but very seductive with its menthol notes and sweet almond finish.”

Disznókő Kapi – An Exceptional Rarity

Disznókő Kapi Vineyard Tokaji 6 Puttonyos Aszú 2017

The article provides detailed information about various vintages of Disznókő Kapi Vineyard Tokaji 6 Puttonyos Aszú wines.

„In certain years, when the Aszú wine from Kapi Vineyard, the nugget of Disznókő, proves to be exceptional, it is bottled as a single-vineyard, 6 Puttonyos Aszú. Over the past 30 years, this has occurred only five times in the following vintages: 1999, 2005, 2011, 2015, and 2017. These are all rarities with outstanding aging potential.

The 1999, with its deep orange color, is profound and of rare power. The 2005 is very aristocratic, with exotic fruit notes on the mid-palate and floral impulses. Its balanced density will carry it a long way. The 2011 is vibrant, with pleasantly mature sweetness. The 2015 is much darker and more complex, a superb nectar. The 2017 is still young and, for the moment, more discreet but very fine. 

These wines should be tasted by all those who associate sweet wines only with sugar. The obvious risk is to fall in love with them at first sip…”

We express our gratitude for the article and the kind words from Jean-Michel Brouard. You can read the full article in French HERE.