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One of the World’s Best: Disznókő Eszencia Scores 100 Points

We are thrilled to share the news that James Suckling, one of the world’s most renowned wine critics, and his team have rated the Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013 at the maximum 100 points, while the 2012 Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia was awarded 97 points! These exceptional scores elevate them to the rank of the country’s best sweet wines and draw global attention to the Tokaj wine region.

Suckling’s associate editor, Andrii Stetsiuk, participated in an exclusive, vertical online tasting with our estate manager, László Mészáros, and Christian Seely, managing director of AXA Millésimes. The highlight of the evening, featuring over 30 wines, was the Disznókő Eszencia vertical tasting  dating back to 2009.

They have described it like this: “This is a unique, rare and pure wine with extreme concentrations of sugar and acidity, made with almost no intervention and reaching only between 1.5 percent to 4 percent alcohol. The wine perfectly captures the growing conditions of each vintage, acting as a time capsule. Tasting it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The outstanding scores are a professional recognition that reaffirms we are on the right path. Thanks to the meticulous work over the past 30 years, guided at every step by our passion for winemaking and the unique attributes of the Tokaj wine region, our wines possess a style and quality that are exceptional on an international level, offering a taste experience that is truly one of a kind.

Breathtaking Wines 

The expert describes our wines as follows:

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013 – 100 points

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013

“An incredible wine from one of the best vintages of the past decade. Extraordinary. Beautiful and delicate. It combines aromas from all spectrums, from dried stone and tropical fruit, floral fragrance, notes of oolong tea, bergamot, cardamom, turmeric, beautiful botrytis character, and even a touch of something like dried mushrooms and stones. It has excellent balance and incredible drinkability. So harmonious and refined. Beautiful acidity. Incredibly long. Breathtaking. Electric acidity. Residual sugar 625 g/l with 3.7% alcohol. Total acidity 9.7 g/l.”

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012 – 97 points

Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2012

“This has more subtle aromas of dried persimmons and preserved oranges with light toffee, lilac honey, chamomile, dried lavender, and even some minty undertones. Full. Overall, the profile is fresher with just a touch of volatility, enhancing the character. Energetic. It is more fluid than 2009 and lighter in color, but still very dense and viscous with excellent balance overall. It is just so delicious and unique. 544 g/l residual sugar with 3.8% alcohol and 8 g/l total acidity.”

We are proud to announce that this is not our first significant international success. Previously, the 2007 Disznókő Tokaji Essence, which received a 99-point rating, was the only Hungarian wine featured in Wine Enthusiast magazine’s 2021 ‘Top 100 Cellar Selections’ list, attesting to our global recognition. Similarly, the 2020 vintage Disznókő Tokaji Furmint made it to Wine Spectator magazine’s Top 100 list two years ago. Moreover, last year, we were selected as one of the world’s top 50 wine tourism destinations, further solidifying our prestigious standing on the global wine stage.


James Suckling has been a leading figure in the Wine Spectator magazine team for three decades. reaches approximately 5 million wine enthusiasts with its tasting notes, articles, and videos. Over the past four decades, they have tasted and rated over 250,000 wines! Wines scoring above 95 points are recommended as classic, outstanding wines from which one glass is never enough, while wines achieving 100 points are considered perfect, heart-touching wines.