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Simply Perfect – Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013

In the world of wine, receiving a 100-point rating is both rare and extraordinary. The Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013 earned this exceptional recognition from James Suckling‘s co-editor, Andrii Stetsiuk. Getting 100 points marks a significant milestone in Hungarian winemaking history, highlighting the unique quality of Tokaji wines on the global stage.

How is eszencia made, and why is it unique? 

How is eszencia made, and why is it unique?

Eszencia is a unique, rare luxury dessert wine produced almost without human intervention. It naturally arises due to Botrytis cinerea, or noble rot. Grapes dried on the vine and handpicked individually are stored in large tanks, allowing the nectar to seep out under its own weight, which is then collected into demijohns and aged for several years.

Eszencia results from minimal fermentation of the must, featuring an alcohol content of only 1.5-4%, while the sugar content is exceptionally high, balanced by remarkable freshness and acidity. When the final blend is ready, we bottle only the best of it. Filtration is complex due to the sugar crystallizing in the demijohns, making the bottling process challenging. It is produced in extremely small quantities, usually between 300 to 1000 bottles of 375 milliliters each.

It has long been claimed that Eszencia possesses healing properties, and it was available in pharmacies until the mid-20th century. Due to its low alcohol content, this elixir, rich in minerals, B and E vitamins, and penicillin, was used as a revitalizing tonic for serious illnesses and anemia.

The Specialties of the Vintage 

The Specialties of the Vintage

2013 was particularly exciting from a viticulture perspective. Following a long winter and late bud break, a hot summer ensued, closed by a cooler, rainy September. This allowed continuous development of botrytis, producing rich and perfect quality aszú berries.  Complex and elegant wines with silky structure and lush aromas were made.


Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia 2013

Harvesters traversed the furmint plots three times between September 23 and November 11, selecting the aszú berries by hand. The collected grapes were stored in stainless steel vats until early November. Eszencia is the freely dripped juice pressed by the weight of the aszú berries. We received about half a liter of nectar daily from one vat, which was then transferred into 50-liter demijohns.

Fully made from furmint, Disznókő Eszencia 2013 matured in glass demijohns in the cellar without added yeast or sulfur. The slow, prolonged fermentation kept the alcohol content very low. Maturation lasted until June 2016, after which the different batches were blended. In July 2016, it was bottled into 375 milliliter bottles. Only 548 were produced.

Simply Perfect

The Disznókő Eszencia 2013 shines in a light bronze-gold color, with intense aromas of apricot jam, quince jelly, lemon peel, and honey. It is very rich, with vibrant, fresh acids, dried fruit flavors, and a honeyed, creamy texture. With only 3.1% alcohol, has a residual sugar content of 625 g/l, balanced by 9.7 g/l acidity.

Consumption Advice

Tasting it is an incomparable experience!

Eszencia acts as a time capsule, uniquely showcasing the characteristics of the vintage. Tasting it is an incomparable experience. It is so concentrated, thick, and dense that we serve it with a teaspoon, as a single sip is enough.

Its ideal serving temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its high sugar content, it can be stored in the refrigerator for years after opening. It can be enjoyed now but has significant aging potential, making it a prized item for collectors.

The 100-point rating is not only a huge recognition for Disznókő and Hungarian winemaking but also underscores the unique qualities of Tokaji wines, inviting wine enthusiasts worldwide to explore them. The Disznókő Eszencia 2013 is truly a glassful of magic, now recognized among the world’s finest wines.