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Wonderful Sweet Szamorodni from 2019 – Disznókő 1413

1413 Disznókő Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni 2019 is a rich and complex wine, with its depth and main characteristics attributed to botrytized clusters and extended barrel aging. It is a wine of finesse and balance, originating from an exceptional vintage and produced in minimal quantities.

What is Szamorodni?

Szamorodni is a traditional Tokaji wine variety that has been a mainstay of the region for centuries. It was formerly known as „main wine” to distinguish it from the so-called „common” or ordinary wine. It was the most popular type of wine in the Tokaj wine region for a long time. The name Szamorodni, which means „as it comes,” was given by the Polish, who were great admirers and traders of Tokaji wines. It accurately reflects the practice of processing the healthy, botrytized, and even aszú berries together without separating the aszú berries, just as they grew on the vine. In a sense, Szamorodni is similar to the more prestigious Aszú wine, as both depend on the noble rot Botrytis cinerea.

Why 1413? – The Origin of the Name

1413 is the earliest reference to Disznókő

1413 Disznókő Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni is more than just wine; it’s a story, an experience, and a journey into Tokaj’s historical past. Historian Nagy Kornél, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, has dedicated extensive research to Tokaj’s medieval history. In the summer of 2012, he uncovered the earliest reference to Disznókő in a document dating back to 1413.

The name Szamorodni is less known and difficult to pronounce for foreigners. 1413 is easy to remember and pronounce. It is also a fitting name for a traditional Tokaji wine, with modern interpretation, as there were already sweet wines made in Tokaj during that time, which were undoubtedly Szamorodni. However, they were then referred to as the main wine. 

While the name Szamorodni may be less familiar and challenging to pronounce for those unfamiliar with it, „1413” offers a simple and easily remembered alternative. It serves perfectly for a traditional Tokaji wine, reinterpreted for modern tastes, as sweet Szamorodni wines were already being produced in Tokaj during that era, at that time, however, they were simply referred to as „main wine.” 

Early Maturation, Excellent Vintage

2019 resulted in an abundance of perfectly ripened aszú grapes

The year 2019 is widely regarded as one of the finest vintages of the past decade. It commenced with a cold winter, giving way to an early arrival of warm, spring-like weather, followed by a mild and rainy May, a scorching June, and a rather variable summer. The early autumn brought warmth and continued rainfall, along with an extended Indian summer, creating ideal conditions for the botrytization of grapes. This resulted in an abundance of perfectly ripened aszú grapes.

The foundation of Szamorodni lies in the bunches that remain on the vine the longest. During the final selection at harvest time, after the collection of aszú berries, the fully botrytized clusters and cluster parts were carefully chosen from the southern-facing vineyards of the estate between October 9th and 10th.

Exceptionally Elegant Disznókő 1413

The grape clusters were carefully destemmed and underwent a brief skin maceration before being gently pressed. 85% of the batches underwent fermentation in stainless steel tanks, while the rest was fermented in second- and third-fill oak barrels. The wine then matured intraditional underground cellars in 225-liter second and third-fill oak barrels for 24 months. Bottling took place in June 2022. 

This extended barrel aging process, marked by careful attention to detail, is evident in every sip, resulting in an exquisite 100% Furmint wine characterized by captivating depth and distinctive character.

The alluring Disznókő 1413 from the 2019 vintage, displaying a radiant golden hue, exudes enchanting aromas of fresh apricots, citrus, and honey, elegantly kissed with a hint of vanilla. Its creamy texture harmonizes beautifully with pronounced acidity, culminating in a pleasantly enduring, spicy finish. Over time, it acquires delightful nuances of dried fruits. With an alcohol content of 12.8%, refreshing acidity at 8 g/l, and a residual sugar content of 131 g/l, this wine delivers immediate enjoyment while holding the promise of remarkable aging potential. 

How to Enjoy?

1413 Disznókő Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni 2019 is an excellent complement to foie gras

With a delightful harmony of fresh acidity and sweetness, it serves as an exquisite aperitif for friendly dinners or family lunches. It pairs wonderfully with cheese, pâté, sausage, and salami bites as appetizers.

It is also an excellent complement to foie gras. Among main courses, it is best suited for dishes featuring creamy lemon sauces, fruit-glazed duck, or subtly spiced East Asian cuisine. Moreover, it pairs wonderfully with fruit salads, moderately sweet or fruity desserts, and blue cheese.

While the 1413 Disznókő Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni 2019 already offers a delightful experience, its barrel aging promises even greater complexity and richness over the next 10-15 years. To fully highlight its finest qualities, we recommend serving it chilled at 11–13°C. Its freshness can be preserved in the refrigerator for up to two weeks after opening.